John Lavitt

Hi, I'm John

In 2011, I became a subject of a Clinical Trial in Los Angeles for Hepatitis C. Now sober for many years, I was infected with HCV (Hepatitis C Virus) when I shared a needle during a dark period of my life. I recorded my experiences during the clinical trial in a blog entitled Spirit and Consequences that received positive attention. I was blessed to find out that I had been clear of the virus for over 6 months in March of 2012. Joining forces with Alliance Health, I hope to give back the opportunities and blessings that were given to me by raising awareness and helping to save lives.

I have had many unique and wonderful opportunities in my life. After graduating from Brown University with honors, I lived on the Greek island of Patmos and worked with the late American poet Robert Lax. Upon returning to the states, I moved to Los Angeles where I worked in the film industry.

In 2003, I shifted my focus to website technical writing and search engine optimization. I helped found and worked for 12 Angels, a nonprofit group focused on generating bridge loans for entrepreneurs in long-term sobriety. Later, I researched and wrote the website content for the Wonderland Treatment Center.

Today, I continue my work in developing and writing optimized website content as the Content Director for Open Interactive. I am proud to be able to employ my skills at Hepatitis Connect to raise awareness about the need for HCV testing across the country. I hope to help people with Hepatitis C access the best resources and information available. If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

John Lavitt
Patient Advocate