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Highlights From EASL 2014

From clinicaloptions.com

In this downloadable slideset, Jordan J. Feld MD, MPH, Paul Y. Kwo, MD, and Stefan Zeuzem, MD, review key studies on the treatment of hepatitis C presented at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of the Liver.

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7 days

Treatment for hepatitis C changing lives

From houstonchronicle.com

Belt was, many years ago, an intravenous drug user, which is almost certainly how she contracted hepatitis C. Now clean and sober for more than two decades, happily married and a devoted mother and grandmother, she's glad to rid herself of the last vestige of that lifestyle. […]

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15 days

Predicting hepatitis C treatment success

From sciencedaily.com

Levels of interferon-stimulated genes in the liver and blood could help predict if a patient with hepatitis C will respond to conventional therapy, researchers suggest. The team analyzed liver and blood samples from hepatitis C patients taken before treatment, and found that fewer immune cells reached the livers of patients…

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23 days


From inpractice.com

The materials published via inPractice® reflect the views of the reviewers or authors of the material, not those of inPractice Resources, LLC, the accredited provider, or the companies providing educational grants. The materials may discuss uses and dosages for therapeutic products that have not been approved by the United States…

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1 month

How long should HCV treatment last? Study suggests answers are complex

From buffalo.edu

Translational researchers tracked in real-time how virus replicates and how drug clears HCV from liver, plasma BUFFALO, N.Y. - As new treatments for hepatitis C virus (HCV) are approved, biomedical scientists are exploring their mechanisms and what they reveal about the virus.

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1 month

Hepatitis C: Older Americans are at risk

From wpmobserver.com

Hepatitis C is a disease that is caused by a virus that affects the liver. Even though the disease often doesn't produce symptoms, it can seriously damage the liver and can be fatal. An estimated 3.2 million Americans have Hepatitis C.

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15 days

Hepatitis C Exposure Affect Genders Differently

From guardianlv.com

Hepatitis C is an infectious disease of the liver that is caused by the hepatitis C virus, a virus that may also attribute to both acute and chronic illnesses lasting from several weeks to a lifetime.

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29 days


From com.my

Up to 75% of those infected with hepatitis C might not be aware of their status, only finding out when they have already progressed to liver failure or liver cancer. There is hope yet for patients suffering from chronic hepatitis C.

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1 month

Hepatitis C testing is critical to stopping a silent epidemic

From sfexaminer.com

More than 500,000 Californians are infected with hepatitis C, yet the vast majority of those infected don't realize it. Even though hepatitis C is the leading cause of catastrophic liver damage, cirrhosis and liver cancer, it's estimated that up to 75 percent of infected Americans do not even know they…

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1 month