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HCV Rivalry Heats Up As Merck Combo Shines In Trial

From investors.com

Big pharma Merck ( MRK) reported stellar results for its phase-two hepatitis C (HCV) drug trials Thursday, sparking debate among analysts over its potential to take market share from leader Gilead Sciences. At the International Liver Congress in London, Merck reported a 98% cure rate in patients with hepatitis…

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4 days

10 Tools to Help Reduce Hep C Treatment Brain Fog

From lifebeyondhepatitisc.com

A normal side effect of treatment for Hepatitis C is concentration issues and short term memory lapse, better know as, Brain Fog. There are times when you feel like a fog has rolled in your brain making concentration difficult. It's temporary. It comes and goes, fades in and out.

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25 days

Gene Variants Protect Against Relapse After Treatment for Hepatitis C

From infectioncontroltoday.com

Researchers at the Sahlgrenska Academy have identified a gene, which explains why certain patients with chronic hepatitis C do not experience relapse after treatment. The discovery may contribute to more effective treatment. More than 100 million humans around the world are infected with hepatitis C virus.

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1 month

Hepatitis C Cases Fall 165% in U.S., CDC Survey Finds

From bloomberg.com

The number of Americans with hepatitis C fell 16 percent to 2.7 million over almost a decade, a government survey found, just as new, more effective treatments for the chronic liver disease reach the market. The survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention covers data gathered from 200…

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1 month

A Nutrition Plan for People Living With Hepatitis C

From blackhealthmatters.com

Hepatitis C is a disease that negatively impacts health through inflammation of the liver. The liver is the bodily organ that processes everything we put into our bodies, so it's vital we learn to keep it in the best condition possible, especially if it's struggling through hep C.

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1 month

'3D' HCV Combo Almost Perfect

From medpagetoday.com

LONDON — An investigational drug combination cured almost all patients with the form of hepatitis C that is most common in North America, researchers said.

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4 days

Hepatitis Central

From hepatitiscentral.com

AbbVie's HCV Drug Cocktail Cures 99% in Trial Print this page AbbVie Inc. is one step closer to marketing its two-drug combination for the treatment of Hepatitis C. Bloomberg News AbbVie Hepatitis C Combo Cures Almost All Patients in Late Trial By Simeon Bennett March 03, 2014 AbbVie Inc.

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1 month

Fighting Hepatitis C Before It Gets To You (or Surprises You)

From thefix.com

The death from liver cancer of Lou Reed last October helped raise awareness of the devastating toll being taken by hepatitis C in the United States. Following is a guide to the evolution of the illness and its treatment. Although HCV now kills more Americans than HIV, the hepatitis…

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